Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh job hunting :(

Why is it so hard to find a good job in Southern California? I feel so discouraged today after having an awesome interview only to find that the company was extremely sketchy. They basically wanted me for marketing and mingling at company parties and mixers then doing what I should be doing and what I went to school for....respiratory therapy! It was so weird! There are so many scams out there and people who don't mind exploiting other people. I was so bummed that I actually got offered a job and had to turn it down because it wasn't the right job for me. At least I got to learn from this experience and I had an amazing interview. Hopefully this experience gives me confidence in future interviews. Never settle for something that you know you shouldn't. I totally had to go with my gut instinct on this one. Where are you perfect job? I'm waiting!

Oh well, life continues on :) Now time for a corny inspirational picture I found on Pinterest! 

Have an AMAZING day! - Megan

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifting Fun!

Okay, so if you read my last post then you would know I was going to hit up some thrift stores in Palm Springs! Palm Springs always has a great reputation for having some pretty amazing thrift store items, as of course this is a town rich people move to when they retire. There were 4 thrift stores and a couple antique stores that were literally 2-3 minutes from where I was staying. The thrift stores do have some pretty fancy schmancy items, but man, it shows in the price. Nonetheless, still super fun. I took some pictures of my favorite finds :)

How cute is this? It was too pricey for the $59 price tag, but I think this could definitely be an easy DIY.
I'm thinking a phone like THIS from Amazon. Then just paint on (or stickers, I think that was what this phone had on it) your own design. I might try this!

I'm a sucker for vintage cameras. Why can't today's cameras still look like this? (but still have their amazing modern capabilities ;p)

Cutest sunglasses ever.

And finally, the only item I actually bought. This great purse (unused!) at Goodwill. It was $14.99, which I guess is pricey for a Goodwill, but it's unused and great quality. I'd probably drop close to $100 bucks for a brand new purse like this so $14.99 is definitely a steal!

I had so much fun! Feel free to share your fav thrift store finds! :)
Happy Thursday!- Megan

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello from Palm Springs!

Getting myself a little 5 day vacation in Palm Springs!...kind of...not it's "business". And by business I mean, I dog-sit. Yup, I have a degree yet I get my money by living at other peoples houses while they are on vacation and watch their dogs. I've been doing it for 4 years or so while I've been going to college. And since I don't have a job yet (a real one) I'm still in the dog-sitting business. I really enjoy it. I still live at home so it's nice to be on my own and get away sometimes. Sometimes I'm booked for months at a time so it's pretty fun! (They're all people I know by the way. I don't go to strangers houses and watch their pets...that might be creepy/scary??)

Anyways, I plan to do some cool crafts while I'm here...and get out too. There's a thrift store down the street I want to check out. I'm thinking I might find some good thrifting finds here in Palm Springs. I also started making a dress. If it comes out good I'll do an outfit post with it. I'm trying to be optimistic here but I doubt it will come out good. This is the second thing I've made with a sewing machine. The first was a shirt about 6 years ago. It came out okay, I guess, but I used a pattern. I'm stubborn and don't like the work involved with patterns so I'm making this one completely by scratch. Good luck me. So far I'm almost done with the top part...and it looks good so far..but things can still go horribly wrong. Anyways I might as well post some pictures from today to make this post a little more lively. Sorry, I feel like this post is everywhere....vacation brain!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some cute stuff!!

Sorry, couldn't think of a creative title. Just finished a 5 mile hike with Dan today then got home and stuffed myself full of a Panera Bread panini (tomato & mozzarella panini, so stinkin' good)
....Now I'm ready for a nap. So pooped.

But first:

As a car needs gas, I need of course I would love this SUPER cute ring. Ah, want so bad!

Somehow this reminds me of my kitty, Dexter. He's really stupid (but I still love him!). I don't know how many times he's fallen into the toilet while trying to drink out of it. Yeah he's gross. I swear all of my animals would rather drink toilet water or dirty muddy water outside than drink their CLEAN, fresh water in their bowls. Sigh...

Speaking of animals...this belt! which I bought a couple weeks ago, still waiting for it to arrive :)


you know it's true, don't even pretend like you don't ;p

Isn't this awesome??

What a great quote :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Fit!

Yesterday I got a Fitbit. It's a super cool piece of technology. I would describe it as a pedometer on steroids. It counts your steps, calories you've burned, average speed and so much it's amazingly accurate. My favorite part about it so far it how it tracks your sleep. It's pretty amazing. Here's a picture to better describe what it tracks while you sleep. Here's my sleep pattern for last night:

My Fitbit syncs all my activity to my computer so then I can look at these neat little graphs. I can also log what I eat online and keep track of all that. It also sets goals for you to keep you more motivated to be active.

It encourages to do 10,000 steps a day. I probably could have reached that goal yesterday, but I didn't have it powered up until 4pm. After I put it on I went and walked the dog and went for a bike ride and did as much activity as I could so I could make my stats look good (I'm somewhat competitive so having a goal is really motivating!)

It's really small and you just clip on to your waist or even your bra and then it does all the work.

 The flower in the above picture gets bigger the more active you are. Obviously I'm not very active this morning, haha. It will probably stay pretty small this morning 'cause I'm in the process of doing a huge mountain of laundry then I need to do some major cleaning!

Anyways, just thought I'd share a bit about this cool little piece of technology. Sometimes it can be so hard to stay motivated to be active and anything that can help is definitely worth the investment.

If you're interested about this and want to learn more, you should go to and read up about it and look at some YouTube videos of it!

Have a happy Monday!- Megan

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Life lately:

 Hiking, beer with friends, snow (that didn't last long), animals, dates with Dan....oh and I won $7 from the big $650 million lotto for matching 3 numbers! So close!

Spring Time!

Spring Time!

Floral cocktail dress
$46 -

Floral cocktail dress
$46 -

Canvas shoes
$29 -

Striped handbag
$50 -

Dot jewelry
$13 -

Green sunglasses
$15 -

Vanilla Skies Parasol
$50 -

Diana Mini Gold Edition
$130 -

 So the weather has been pretty weird in So. CA lately. A couple weeks ago we got some snow, then it was sunny for a couple days...then we got rain...and now sun again. I was out in the sun about 20 minutes yesterday without any sunscreen and I got sunburnt. It's hard being a fair-skinned red-head :( I'm liking the sunshine but I'm just hoping it doesn't get too warm too fast. I am in the mood for colorful spring clothes though. Above are a few of my favorite picks. I wouldn't normally be too wild for a yellow dress like the one I picked, but I've been pretty obsessed with deep-v backs lately so I think that's what made it catch my eye.

Enjoy your day!