Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello from Palm Springs!

Getting myself a little 5 day vacation in Palm Springs!...kind of...not it's "business". And by business I mean, I dog-sit. Yup, I have a degree yet I get my money by living at other peoples houses while they are on vacation and watch their dogs. I've been doing it for 4 years or so while I've been going to college. And since I don't have a job yet (a real one) I'm still in the dog-sitting business. I really enjoy it. I still live at home so it's nice to be on my own and get away sometimes. Sometimes I'm booked for months at a time so it's pretty fun! (They're all people I know by the way. I don't go to strangers houses and watch their pets...that might be creepy/scary??)

Anyways, I plan to do some cool crafts while I'm here...and get out too. There's a thrift store down the street I want to check out. I'm thinking I might find some good thrifting finds here in Palm Springs. I also started making a dress. If it comes out good I'll do an outfit post with it. I'm trying to be optimistic here but I doubt it will come out good. This is the second thing I've made with a sewing machine. The first was a shirt about 6 years ago. It came out okay, I guess, but I used a pattern. I'm stubborn and don't like the work involved with patterns so I'm making this one completely by scratch. Good luck me. So far I'm almost done with the top part...and it looks good so far..but things can still go horribly wrong. Anyways I might as well post some pictures from today to make this post a little more lively. Sorry, I feel like this post is everywhere....vacation brain!

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  1. That sounds like an amazing job! Lovely photos :)